Friday, April 28, 2006

Mummy Emma makan brownieSian Emma ngantuk...

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Emma and MaryamEnjoy!

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Monday, April 24, 2006


Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to u...
Happy birthday to Safa's ummi.....
Happy birthday to u!!!

Woohooo (pewwiiitt)! Altogether now...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

stick a ball up your.. err.. bum and lose those inches!..muahaha

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Our Screaming Queen

Just finished watching Supernanny (kl tunjuk tak?). It's about this nanny who goes to a home where the kids are out of control and she helps the parents be in control by implemeting various methods.Week after week she successfully changes these kids' behaviour. And just when you think you've seen the worst yet, the next week's is even more horrible.

I'd write Jo Frost a long email but I think she's got an inbox full of thank yous already. Although the little madam was never the mini monster like those on the show (I'd probably be in some mental hospital with kids like that, seriously), she drove us nuts by wanting her own way with everything. Oh and the screams, now who could forget the screaming? Anybody who's been blessed to be in her presence during her screaming episodes would probably think twice about having kids. Betul tak chimp? muahaha. She was a cute cute angel when she wasn't screaming, no doubt about that. But when she got into those earpiercing-screaming-moods there'd be no stopping her. Nothing,nada,yelek, nope not a single thing. It got so bad, we'd contemplate going to certain orang alims for help, but then heard a story that made us just close our ears and endure the oh-so-sweet-sound of our daughter's voice .

You see there was once a child exactly like ours, who thought screaming was just like talking. So to make a long story short they went to see a well respected orang alim. To make a longer story shorter, their daughter became so quiet, they hardly ever heard her voice again.The end.

So we endured and as she grew older it did get better.Somewhat. Still had episodes (yes macam kat rumah ko aisyah) but sooo much better than before. Must have gotten wiser. But her stubbornness, aiyo!

(ok shortcut lagi,aku ngantuk) Fast forward to the day we watched Supernanny(!) , its like we got a revelation u know. Hah. No longer will I be controlled by a queen-control-toddler. Nope, no way. I implemented the naughty spot method the next day. And tadaa.. instant angel.

We had actually read about it and tried it a year ago, but u see, never with consistency. Consistency is KEY. So I tried it that one historically fine day, following Jo Frost's method to a T, and I just had to laugh - Safa's reaction to it was EXACTLY like the other kids on the show. How does that woman know? Guess 16 years of being a nanny helps. no kidding .

Ofcourse, our little girl still adds drama to our lives these days (great haggler this one is) otherwise it'll be dull dull dull. But now she knows she'll be heading to her naughty spot when I use the tone. No way out. Supernanny my Superhero.bwahahaha.

So for old times sake, I present you the cutie patootie formerly known as The Screaming Queen:

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p/s. This is a watered down version by the way, we'd be crazy to take a video of a real screaming episode - too busy closing our ears la.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Overheard yesterday:

"Sorry I don't have milk for you, peez don't cry".

That's Safa' talking to her baby doll while pointing to her ..erm.. chest.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Korang ni adekah dah tawar hati nak blogging? Mentangkan ade internet syarikat, email syarikat, eeeeeeeemail puas2 korang ek, blog dah tanak tulis.

Aku? Aku busy, ape aku busy pon aku taktau. Busy jadi maid hahaha marah pempuan senget sekor tu kate aku maid die. Kalo dia pregnant dia nak aku jadi maid dia boleh?! Tapi bagus gak mesti comel anak die, aku suke budak2 comel ni jangan ngade2 cam die dah.

Sume orang pregnant nih!! Ramai sgt la aku dok tgk carry baby 6 bulan la, monchies tu 7 bulan, ina? Ko tanak yg 2nd? How bout u smitten? hahaha

Aku merepek je ni, sbb aku bosan.. bye!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ai... tgh upgrading la plak fotopages nie... isk isk.. Takpelah, aku upload gamba emma kat sini lah. Punyalah susah nak transfer from camera to comp. Abah emma asyik dpt eror jerk ngan cable free dia tuh... hahahaha... takperlah apa2 pun dah berjaya dah. So the story here is... aritu aku cite, dia ada hairstyle baru kan? Ikat rambut sebelah, tp skang rambut dia dah panjang, so mcm selit blakang telinga je pun dah boleh, but still comot la... sbb emma kan bz gerak here and there, so rambut pun ikut samalah. But now, dia dah tak cabut sgt sepit dia, just kalau nak tido tu dia cabut la... anyway we prefer to sepit her hair than to tie it, tp byk gak la sepit dia hilang and kalau ada love2 tu, tercabut easily... so abah dia kata, beli yg murah cukup! hahahaha...

Thats the hair story... the colouring story mcm nie... hahaha, skang dah pandai kaler2. tp bukan kaler pun la sebenarnya, more to conteng. nvm girl, just explore whatever u want. we love u... :) yg best tu dia siap baring and lentok kepala mcm dlm gambar tu, masa time kaler or tulis. wonder where she learnt it... school maybe. good job teachers... hahahahaa...